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Look Forward to Staying At Home

THE NEW NORMAL In the last few months, most homeowners are rethinking staying in their homes instead of trading up or down. First-time home buyers are considering being more frugal in their purchases, deciding to invest more in customizing a home to their preferences vs buying a home with all the bells and whistles.

START HERE. These 5 upgrades are guaranteed to maximize the return on your investment.

Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Remodel • Add a four seasons (sunroom) room • Add stone veneer to interior or exterior walls • Add a deck or porch Looking for more space? Build an addition, a garage, or finish the basement.

Adding interior touches completely transforms the atmosphere of your home. Whether your preference is contemporary, modern, classic, or rustic; these simple upgrades will make you feel like you're in a new home.

Adding a touch of wood: Exposing old boards or adding new wood ceilings or floors can quickly warm up a room and bring back char m. Balance natural wood finishes with white walls, trim, and tile to keep the look bright and open. Salvage existing masonry: Keep original brickwork, which the Brick Industry Association reports increases the resale value of a home by 6 percent, but update the existing brick by painting it. Painting: Go for a color that best fits the age and architectural period of the house. Think outside the box. Consider the atmosphere you are looking to create. Don't be afraid of a vibrant wall and trim colors.

• Installing exposed reclaimed beams in the ceiling adds warm rustic charm. • Keep original trim and fireplace: It's worth keeping as much of the original trim and brickwork as possible. Frame out an older fireplace or change the path of an old stairway to add your personal style, but try to honor the existing materials to help preserve the architectural integrity of the home. Add skylights: Something so simple can actually improve your mood, increase your home's efficiency, and increase the resale value of your home. CONCLUSION The world has changed and you have a new normal. Whether you are an existing homeowner or a first time home buyer, upgrading and customizing your home is a win-win. Contact Westhills Company Builders, an expert in home remodeling and renovation, to discuss your plans. Westhills has been the Valley's trusted source for remodeling and renovations for the past 50 years. Westhills Company Builders has built its reputation on uncompromising quality. Westhills Co Builders offers in-house design and build services as well as partinering with architecture and design firms. Transform your house into a place that makes you want to stay at home. Contact Westhills Company Builders today.

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