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Designing A Home Office

Designing a home office to fit today’s new work-from-home environment is essential for homeowners in the Waynesboro, Staunton, and Augusta County areas of Virginia.

Whether you’re a professional working from home, a student, or a retiree needing a place to conduct online church meetings or research stocks for your retirement portfolio, a comfortable office space will allow you to do your best work!

According to Architectural Digest, just prior to the 2020 global pandemic, 95% of “knowledge workers” (those that rely on a computer to do their jobs) wanted to work remotely. I guess their dreams suddenly

came true in the winter and spring of this year when the entire world stopped commuting and began working from home for both work and school!

But most people weren’t immediately prepared to handle the big switch, especially those with large families of school-age kids needing their own workspaces in addition to Mom and Dad.

The fact is many people are still using sections of their dining rooms, spare bedrooms, basements, or garages as makeshift offices. I use the table in our breakfast nook for my desk while my wife utilizes a desk she set up in the guestroom. These temporary admin spaces barely get the job done, but now that our jobs and schools may be functioning on some type of remote-level for months or even years to come, it is a good time to consider designing a more functional home office.

I looked to Google for a place to start designing and found several free apps that helped me with my office re-design: SketchuUp, Planner 5D, HomeStyler, and Roomle were four that I found in the App Store on my iPhone. I successfully downloaded Roomle and played around with a new design for my dining room office space. Using the room floor plan feature in the app I was able to size my space and move various pieces of furniture in, out and around the room to see how it would all look in three- dimensional projections. But I was only considering a better arrangement of furnishings in my existing space. The time has come to consider a full-blown room renovation project that incorporates new, updated work spaces allowing me and my family added function and comfort.

Interior design professionals recommend you have the space to house all the resources you need right at

your fingertips—not behind closets or in separate rooms. Visibility and accessibility are both crucial. Support spaces like basements, garages or utility rooms can be transformed into spaces that can accommodate very nice home offices, both working and storage areas. Even neater, existing functional rooms like living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms may be able to be transformed into multipurpose areas including new, updated office space.

Westhills Company Builders has been in the home construction and renovation business for half a century and can discuss plans for improving your home office experience. Transform your house into a customized place that makes you want to stay at home! Contact Westhills Company Builders today at 540-942-5857.

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