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Cost To Build A Custom Home: Every Builder Is Not Equal, You Can't Compare Apples To Oranges

You've always dreamt of building a new home. You have picked out the perfect floor plan and have envisioned every detail. Now, you are ready to choose the right builder and go about getting 3 cost-to-build estimates. Now what? How do you sort through and compare the numerous details, options, and price tags that somehow add up all too quickly, Weighing the options can easily become overwhelming!

"The cost to build a house is based on changing factors like size, location, labor, materials, and current real estate trends, which make it impossible to nail down a perfectly accurate, one-size-fits-all answer ( Dave Ramsey, 2020)."

The advantage of a custom-built home is the opportunity to make decisions about everything from the size of the master bedroom down to the finish on the front door’s hardware. All the while their knowledge of building materials and products allow for a keen eye on budget and deadlines. This is why you need a builder you can trust. (Westhills Co Builders, 2020) Westhills Company has been building custom homes in Waynesboro and the Shenandoah Valley for 50 years. The client’s estimate depends entirely on their individual needs and desires.

“A question we hear over and over again – ‘How much is it per square foot to build a house?’” said Chuck Dennison, Vice President, and Construction Manager of Westhills Company Builders. He likened the process to buying a car. “They have to know what kind of car, what features, what brand and numerous other questions have to be answered before they can get an idea of your price range. Then, they can show you different models that match your needs.”

Custom building with Westhills includes further steps, Dennison added.

“We have to design a layout, figure the cost of materials and labor, development fees, and numerous other items before we can give an educated guess on what your house or project may cost.”

“We have to design a layout, figure the cost of materials and labor, development fees, and numerous other items before we can give an educated guess on what your house or project may cost.” Westhills is meticulous in their planning. A Westhills estimate is comprehensive and includes the smallest details. Most other contractors give "base model" estimates that leave out many costs in order to provide you with the lowest estimate possible. Many costs you assume are included are not and by the time your new home is complete, you have spent thousands of dollars that you weren't prepared to spend. Many contractors cut corners and sacrifice quality in materials and workmanship to give you the lowest price.


Choosing the right builder is not all about price. Will the home builder be hands-on and walk you through every step? Can you trust the builder to always have your best interest in mind? These are very important questions to ask before making your decision.

Westhills Company Builders has built its reputation on building high-quality homes that stand apart. Westhills homes are built for life. The Westhills team focuses its attention on putting extra touches in each home.  For example, they work closely with the subcontractors and the customers to ensure that electrical receptacles and HVAC outlets are properly placed.  "When you walk into a Westhills house, it has a different feel –– an elegant feel, we're told. A lot of it is the quality of our finish and trim work," says Kerby. "It is quality even in the things you cannot see that sets a Westhills home apart." Carl Kerby, President, and Founder is meticulous in his trade and feels a home should be built carefully from the inside-out.

Contact the Westhills team to learn more about the custom home building process.

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